From afterwords by Daisuke Monko

"A young friend of mine showed me some of his work around 2005. He said he had wished for some text for the piece. It is sometimes easy to achieve the word from the visual sense, but this time, capturing the word was like catching a shining fish in a shallow river.

The photographs were all taken at Saipan, formerly a Japanese island * , having now been in the possession of the United States since 1944. I felt I had to read up on this place. I learned that forty-thousand people had been killed there during the Second World War. It occurred to me that the landscape photographs looked as obscure as they did because they depicted the scene of the crime, and the scene had not been cleansed. I decided that the text should smell of blood. Tying one word to the other, a memory of the murder would manifest like a constellation. His personal commitment to murder sprang from the interminable absurdity of mankind."

 あとがき より  文・門戸 大輔



Published by Session Press


edition of 100

design&drawing / Yohei Akishika

poetry&prose / Daisuke Monko

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